Focused on Breeding Fast Maturing, Tough, Endurance
Racing Pigeons for Middle to Long Distance Pigeon Racing.

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Welcome to my Collection of Racing Pigeons

This site is dedicated to the sport of pigeon racing and to the awards and prizes my pigeon breeders and racers have accomplished for me.

Our pigeon loft is located in St. Louis, Missouri. We race with the Mount Pleasant Racing Pigeon Club in the Missouri/Illinois Combine. We are proud members of the American Racing Pigeon Union.

Our goal is to be one of the most competitive pigeon breeding and racing lofts in the United States and to maintain that position year after year.

ProPigeon Racing Loft houses Champion Racing Pigeons and Breeders of Champion Racing Pigeons. We do not have a specific strain or a specific family of racing pigeons. Our stock of pigeon breeders consist of birds from the old line "Lucky Strike" Tourniers, Janssen, Meuleman, and Gaby Vandenabeele blood lines. Our racers are an excellent cross of those blood lines.

We have a selection off Champion stock and pigeons that were Champions themselves. Some are First Place Winners and many were Consistent Diploma Winners. We are focused on developing fast maturing, tough, endurance racing pigeons that excel and Win at the Middle Distances.
The best we have acquired and the best we have bred,
are crossed carefully to develop offspring that WIN.

We are constantly adding new content to this website and ask that fellow pigeon breeders participate by sending in Racing Pigeon Pictures and submit their Pigeon Website Links . Also, I will be adding a Racing Pigeon Articles page. If you have articles on pigeon health, racing pigeon methods, how to build a pigeon loft, or general pigeon articles that you have written, please send us an e-mail. Once reviewed, we will add them into their respectful categories and list the authors and their websites. We believe a great step towards increasing our sports awareness is by providing a wealth of useful information about the pigeon sport.

Help Us With this Mission!

The most important part of Pigeon Racing to us is Winning, keeping the sport alive by promoting creative ideas, and supporting the new flyer. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write. We love hearing from you!!!

Thank you and enjoy our site!!!

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