Janssen Pigeon "Granny Smith" Dam and GrandDam to Winners!!!


"Granny Smith" is granddam to:
"04 WMF 186" 3rd= 1st club, 15th Combine --> 548 birds, 27 lofts
"04 OH 0156" 5th club- 312 birds---->

2nd club= 1st-->
11th combine 1,346 birds
2nd combine= 1st 466 birds
"04 SFF 278" 1st Club----> 1st federation 744 birds

"Granny Smith's" sire is 95 WWC 1932 (Half brother to the "Hekkenklak"- 1992 1st Overall ACE All Holland). Best Record ever in Holland. Dam is 94 WWC "0855" direct daughter of the "Goede Jaarling"- Winner of 1st vs. 5,252 birds, 1st vs. 4,371 birds, 1st vs. 2,097 birds.

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