Pro Pigeon Loft - 2005 One Loft Race Results!
Racing pigeons travel great distances in pigeon races!
Focused on Breeding Fast Maturing, Tough, Endurance
Racing Pigeons for Middle to Long Distance Pigeon Racing.

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Pigeons Racing Results

In 2005, the only Money Race we participated
in was the Lou McElroy One Loft Races.
We sent a team of three racing pigeons for $300 dollars.
At the end of the four race series,
we increased our $300 dollar investment by 1000%!!!
"Andre 3000" won us $3000 dollars in just 2 weekends!!!
Read more on him below...
Racing Pigeon -Andre 3000 Andre Eye

"Andre 3000" Pedigree: Click Here!

Racing Pigeon - 150 MILE RACE REPORT
Racing Pigeon - 200 MILE RACE REPORT

"Andre 3000" was sent to the
Lou McElroy One Loft Race in Hillsborough, South Carolina.
He won:
3rd place @ 150 miles vs 168 pigeons
2nd place @ 200 miles vs 131 pigeons
He competed against racing pigeons from top flyers like
Terry Brooks (2005 CBS Classic Loft Average Winner),
Xin Feng Guo (2005 Flamingo Race Winner), Carey Tilson, and Alex Bieche.

"Andre 3000" Missed 1st place in both of these races by
2 seconds on the 150 mile race and by 1 second on the 200 mile race!!!
He is a son of "ALVA" X "Windsor Hen".
Super Breeders!!!

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Breeding fast maturing, tough, dependable racing pigeons for One Loft Pigeon Races.